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Linh Ta, author of Des Moines
Updated 10 hours ago - Axios Des Moines

Kimberly Graham considering run for Polk County attorney

Kimberly Graham, a Des Moines attorney known for her recent Senate campaign, announced she's launching an exploratory committee to potentially run for Polk County attorney.

Why it matters: The office has the power to decide when to enforce and prosecute local and state laws. It's been held by John Sarcone, another Democrat, for 30 years.

14 hours ago - Axios Des Moines

Des Moines begins push for two-in-one housing units

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

There’s a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday for a new model home project that includes two-in-one housing.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are built alongside or within another home on a single-family lot.

Flashback: The character Fonzie on "Happy Days" lived in an ADU, which was an apartment in a garage.

Why it matters: ADUs are part of a new push by DSM to help address a shortage of affordable housing.

14 hours ago - Axios Des Moines

Iowa isn't getting it on: Births on track to fall again

Data: Iowa Department of Public Health; Chart: Axios Visuals

Total births in Iowa were down in 2020 for the sixth consecutive year and are on track to sink lower this year, according to preliminary state data released this month.

Why it matters: Iowa has struggled with a relatively stagnant statewide population growth for years and that could impact our economy.

  • Our labor force participation rate is expected to decline because of demographic shifts, including slow birth rate, according to a 2020 Iowa Workforce Development report.
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